Court Reporting

Jensen Litigation Solutions - Court Reporting

Jensen has been in the business of court reporting since 1986, providing the finest court reporters in the field to help clients manage depositions throughout the U.S. and abroad. With leading-edge technologies and certified, skilled, and ethical people, Jensen reporters are sought after for mission-critical cases.

Lawyers repeatedly call on Jensen Reporting for simple but important reasons: quality service, attention to the client, and going the extra mile when necessary. It is why the company has grown to become a significant part of the legal community in more than a quarter-century of existence.

Current technologies have made it possible to do so much more with depositions, so much more quickly, than ever before. For example, realtime text streaming allows attorneys and others involved in a case to instantly access testimony by way of the electronic device of their choosing. Realtime video streaming enables that as well, with the added benefit of seeing how the witness provides testimony.

The Benefits Are Clear:

Instant access
Easily retrieved testimony
Virtual collaboration
Saved time and reduced travel costs

Court reporting has advanced considerably in recent years. Make use of the best technologies and expertise available through Jensen.