Jury Research

Jensen Litigation Solutions - Jury ResearchJensen Litigation Solutions works with qualified experts to identify how various jurors respond to different kinds of information.

No lawyer will ask a question of a witness without knowing the answer in advance. Similarly, a litigator will want to know how jurors will respond to evidence, testimony, and the overall case strategy before the trial begins.

Jury research and full-scale mock trials help identify juror biases and attitudes, information that strengthens the chance of winning in court. The methods and tools Jensen Litigation Solutions brings are the following:

  • Partner with leading consulting firms and Ph.D.s to devise a jury research strategy and how to implement that strategy. Jury experts have specific knowledge and experience in medical, insurance, intellectual property, and other areas of law.
  • Employ state-of-the-art technologies to gather quantitative feedback on reactions to specific questions and responses.
  • Engage focus groups to gather qualitative feedback on trial strategies.
  • Provide detailed reports to help hone and build your trial presentation and identify jury demographics that are appropriate for your case.

By extrapolating the knowledge gathered in jury research, you gain an important edge over your opponents.

Jensen Litigation Solutions works with integrity, professionalism, fairness, accountability, and honesty. Contact us to learn more about how we devise and manage your jury research program.