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Realtime Text Streaming

Realtime streaming allows input from a court reporter to be captured and relayed in an Internet-friendly format. It is instantaneously distributed to targeted viewers for immediate review and analysis. This enables participants in the process to interact with each other at all locations.

What is the result? Easy-to-use realtime streaming allows better collaboration between attorneys and time-efficient review of notes later. Travel can be reduced as well.

Jensen Reporters are backed by long-term company staff that provides best-in-class support, training and technologies for modern-day litigation services. We work with integrity, honesty, and fairness, and remain accountable for all that we do. Contact us to learn more about our court reporting and realtime streaming services

Realtime Video Streaming

Realtime Video Streaming

With streaming video and text, legal proceedings can be viewed live or accessed on-demand via the Internet on office PCs and portable devices such as electronic tablets. Realtime text and chat can be added, allowing participants to communicate with each other.

This service is applicable to:

  • ADR hearings
  • Depositions
  • Jury research
  • Mock trials
  • Settlement & judicial conferences
  • Staff development and training
  • Witness preparation

With best-in-class communications technologies, Jensen backs our certified court reporters with ongoing training that invests in them as a long-term strategy. Our reporters help us maintain our longstanding relationships with clients because of our proficiency, expediency, and personal attention to their work.

We partner with LiveDeposition™ to bring you the highest quality, face-to-face video that can be accessed from any location. Depositions can be seen and held from anywhere, with anyone, at any time.

Jensen works with honesty, fairness, accountability, and integrity. Contact us to learn how streaming video and text can help you with your case.

Contact us to learn more about how our court reporter and videography services can help you with your case.