Jensen Litigation Solutions - 3D Animation

It’s not possible to videotape everywhere. Animation, however, can take jurors just about anywhere.

Visual imagery is known – by way of scientific research – to improve both comprehension and memory with all humans. In a trial scenario, non-expert jurors need as much assistance in comprehending complex scenarios as possible, which often is facilitated with animation.

Here are some of the questions animation can accomplish:

  • In the case of a vehicle accident, at what point did the brakes fail?
  • How did the speed of the vehicle factor into accident?
  • How did the accident cause bodily injury or death?
  • In a medical malpractice injury, where were surgical instruments improperly used?
  • What were the biological implications of improper anesthesia?
  • How did medical care providers fail to provide proper and necessary attention to a patient?

Modern technologies that enable 3-D animation have made this all the more effective. Whether it is a complex medical procedure, an accident scene or any other scenario subject to litigation, animation – produced at the same level of major motion pictures – can help you make your case.

Contact a Jensen Litigations Solution consultant who can discuss how, why, and at what cost an animated presentation can help you win your case in court.