Jensen Litigation Solutions - Day in the Life DocumentaryA courtroom is not always the best environment for communicating intangibles. This includes the difficulties an accident victim experiences maneuvering in public and in private or the pain of physical therapy. Fortunately, video can bring these stories to jurors.

Cognitive research has long understood the strength of visual presentations in learning. A study by the U.S. Department of Labor found that “retention of information three days after a meeting or other event is six times greater when information is presented by visual and oral means than when the information is presented by the spoken word alone.”

A visual presentation of how an accident or medical error affects its victim is similarly compelling and memorable to jurors. This is known from years of experience in courtroom settings. With the skilled experience of Jensen Litigation Solutions’ team of videographers, a day-in-the-life video can make a compelling case for the impact a particular action has had on the life of a plaintiff.

Contact a JLS professional to discuss how a day-in-the-life video can be developed to support your case. Jensen professionals are accustomed to working with sensitivity and honesty, creating presentations that are convincing to juries.