Frequently Asked Questions about Litigation Solutions

Some attorneys have been using jury research, mock trials, and creative services for several years. But we invite inquiries from lawyers who need to know about our services before employing these tools for the first time.

General Questions

What services does Jensen Litigation Solutions provide?
We offer trial presentation, scanning and digitizing documents, off-site trial support, jury research, mock trials, 3-D animation, day-in-the-life videos, equipment rental, and more. We take a consultative approach to identify services that will help attorneys with their case.

What equipment can be provided for use in a courtroom?
Jensen Litigation Solutions professionals provide laptop computers, projectors, projector screens, monitors, Elmos (document cameras that enable presentation of 3-dimensional objects, documents, flat art, photos, slides, and X-rays), and speakers.

What if a need for video edits or clips arises outside of business hours and they are required the following day?
Jensen staff is available 24/7 to answer specific needs.

What is videoconferencing?
Video technology and the Internet enable people in two or more locations to meet via video hookup in a very cost-effective way. It enables all parties in a case to be present without the time and expense of travel.

What is synchronization in legal videography?
Synchronized video melds audio, video, and text of proceedings for ease of viewing and reviewing, continuity, and clip searchability. It is also very useful for testimony playback during trial.

What are the benefits of using Jensen for a number of functions within a single trial?
Working with Jensen, there is a continuity of strategy, company philosophy, and quality that is ensured when all services are provided.

What do past clients say about working with Jensen?
Jensen has been working in the legal community since 1986, first with court reporting services and now in litigation solutions. See our testimonials page to learn more about how we achieve client satisfaction.

Trial Services

Why do we need trial consultants?
Consultants take information from lawyers and present it in a way that jurors can understand and remember.

Do law firms need special trial software?
No. Certified hot-seat presenters utilize the latest software and come fully prepared to present your case.

What if the documents needed for trial are not yet in electronic/digital form?
JLS scans paper documents for clients to convert them for digital use.

How do jurors respond to sophisticated equipment used in trials?
We live in a technology-driven time where expectations for clear communications are high. Jurors tasked with making judgments about complex scenarios and concepts welcome courtroom technology and engaging visual presentations because it provides them with clarity and understanding. They are also more likely to retain what they learn into the deliberation stage of a trial when information is visual and clear.

What is presentation consulting?
Attorneys need to focus on a litigation strategy and argue the case, while presentation consultants support the attorney with communicative tools. We work behind the scenes to create video, animation, scale models, and static graphics – all means of showing jurors what words alone may not be able to accomplish.

Jury Research and Mock Trials

What is jury research?
The term “jury research” encompasses several means for preventing surprises at trial. This includes prospective juror demographic research, developing a jury selection strategy, testing presentation concepts, and mock trials. Qualified experts in these disciplines work with our clients, along with the use of advanced technologies developed expressly for jury research.

Creative Services

What is a day-in-the-life video?
Injuries incurred in the workplace, in motor vehicle accidents, in unsafe buildings, or from medical mistakes all might affect every moment of victims’ lives. An expertly produced video conveys in economic and quality-of-life terms the toll those injuries take, day in and day out.

What are demonstratives?
Actual evidence and representations of evidence are demonstratives. Demonstratives can take the form of actual objects, scale representations, graphics, photographs, video, and animation. Jensen creates demonstratives in a presentation form that can support witness testimony, and witnesses attest that the demonstrative accurately portrays what is being discussed.

What is a settlement brochure?
A variety of audiovisual tools can be used to communicate the financial and emotional hardship imposed on plaintiffs by the defendants. These tools can be aggregated into a single presentation that is instrumental in reaching pretrial or post-verdict settlements.

What is litigation animation?
Animation is a type of demonstrative used at trial to show jurors an action or movement that cannot be presented with video and which might be difficult to comprehend when only conveyed verbally. Examples include accident sequences and invasive medical procedures. A more sophisticated type of animation is 3-D, which can help jurors envision how physical actions transpired, such as in accident cases. Human understanding and recall are aided by clear representations, which can be conveyed via projector, on television monitors, and on computer or handheld device screens.

How are scale models used in legal proceedings?
In some circumstances, it is beneficial to the jury when a physical scale model is created to convey an important point in the trial. An example is a re-creation of an anatomical part that illustrates damage from a vehicular accident or medical mistakes.

What is field videography and photography?
These are moving and still recordings of a particular scene or environment where something happened. It brings “real world” evidence into litigation that cannot be adequately represented by verbal description. Key examples are accident scenes and medical procedures.

Equipment Rental

What equipment can be provided in a war room?
JLS supplies laptop computers, projectors, copying/scanning equipment, and SMART Boards (interactive white boards), and can procure all other technologies as needed.

The consultants in trial preparation and court reporting at JLS stand ready to help you with your case. Contact us today.