Field Videography


There are many tangible factors that can significantly impact litigation but which, unfortunately, cannot be brought into a courtroom. These include highways and intersections, operating rooms and pharmacies, dangerous workplaces and poorly maintained premises.

The solution for illustrating an accident or other scenario in a court proceeding or preliminary meetings is to use videography.

Some examples of where videography performs a vital function in litigation:

  • Showing the traffic flow in an intersection where an accident occurred – at the time of day that it happened.
  • Demonstrating how a mechanic checks a car’s brakes to determine if there was a product failure.
  • A video review of a poorly maintained building, stairwell, or sidewalk that created a public hazard.

In each case, video can capture a hazard before a post-accident alteration is made – for example, when a building at the heart of the case is demolished before the trial begins.

Jensen Reporting provides videography services to clients who are concerned about bringing these factors into a trial. Our videographers and editors are professionals who work in legal video, with a clear understanding of what attorneys need to communicate effectively in court.