Presentation Consulting

Jensen Litigation Solutions - Presentation ConsultingJensen consultants help litigators sort through and select from the full complement of tools available.

Juror comprehension and recall are critical to any case at trial, as proven through academic research and trial experience. The attorneys’ arguments are the basis of the case, and the effectiveness of those arguments is bolstered by advanced communications and file management technologies. These are factors on which Jensen presentation consultants focus their full attention.

The full spectrum of Jensen Litigation Solutions is available to allow attorneys to focus on winning in court. These tactical solutions include:

  • Preparation of evidence documents, including the scanning of exhibits to synching and digitizing video clips
  • Database construction
  • Development of technologically savvy digital presentations
  • Live in-trial annotation of exhibits
  • Creation of video clips: field videography, day-in-the-life videos, and settlement brochures

Just as important, our certified TrialDirector, hot-seat professionals work closely with our client-attorneys to fully execute their vision at trial. As a result, attorneys can concentrate on what they do best while Jensen handles presentation details. In total, these services allow the legal team to focus on the law while we provide the support.

JLS professionals work with integrity, honesty, fairness, and accountability throughout trial presentation engagements. Contact us to discuss your trial needs early in the case to be certain all preliminary work is done on a timely basis.