Equipment Rental

Best-in-class technologies are essential for effective trial presentations. But law firms need
certain equipment on a case-by-case basis, making rental a better option than ownership.

Consider the advantages of renting with Jensen...
• Jensen consultants collaborate with you to determine which equipment fits the needs of the case.
• Assembly of equipment kits as needed by a Jensen consultant.
• No depreciation, storage costs, outmoded technologies, or wear-and-tear with firm-owned equipment.
• Shipping costs are minimized with Jensen’s experience.

The types of equipment available for rent include projectors, collapsible screens, DVD players, speakers, mixers, Elmos, and laptops.

This equipment is perfect for use in a wide variety of venues, including conference rooms, focus group centers, courtrooms, and many more.

Contact Jensen Litigation Solutions to discuss your equipment needs, including when such a need presents itself at the last minute.