Settlement Brochures

Jensen Litigation Solutions - Settlement Brochures XrayDry numbers on paper are sometimes ineffective at communicating the costs that result from injuries. Visual media is much more effective.

A picture tells a thousand words – and the communication is no less when the pictures are in video. Research on behalf of the U.S. Department of Labor says that 83 percent of human learning occurs visually, with 11 percent aurally and the rest through other senses. Jurors, by definition, are students tasked with learning and retaining that information when deliberating a case and financial settlements.

Whether in static images or in video, the tangible reasons for monetary settlements are best conveyed to a jury through a combination of graphs, charts, and client-impact imagery (videos and still photography). The full suite of these services is available through Jensen Litigation Solutions in the form of settlement brochures, which provide a full complement of information that enumerate the net costs of an injury or infraction incurred by the defendant.

Jensen professionals can help you devise a compelling settlement brochure that is appropriate, impactful, and accurate. Contact JLS to learn more.