"I write to thank you for providing the extremely valuable services of Laura Davis to assist us in the presentation of Connecticut's case in the pending national Tobacco Arbitration under the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. Laura worked with us to develop effective and accurate graphic demonstrative exhibits, became familiar with all of the exhibits we would need to utilize in the presentation of our case, and effectively, promptly and accurately displayed all of our exhibits and demonstratives throughout our hearing. She also handled all aspects of the logistics of procuring timely hard copies of all needed exhibits for the hearing a separate large project. We would not have been able to present our case nearly as effectively without her assistance.

In every way, Laura was a pleasure to work with. She was always upbeat, cheerful and cooperative, and provided a very high level of expertise in her work, making our work with her fast and efficient. She was also extremely patient and diligent, working with our team over part of a weekend, very early some mornings and very late into several nights. Whatever needed doing, Laura made sure that it was done correctly and on time.

We all enjoyed working with Laura and greatly appreciated her expertise, support and assistance."

Very truly yours,
Joseph Rubin
Associate Attorney General