Web & Videoconferencing

The applications for videoconferencing in law and business are extensive. It is the smart way to pull people together and get the job done. Travel to depositions or to conference with clients, expert witnesses, and other parties is often impractical and sometimes not possible. This is why Jensen Litigation Solutions works with clients to ensure that broadcast-quality videoconferencing is available at short notice.

Through a network of video partners and our own staff, we are able to make the following possible:

  • Arrange temporary setup of equipment in homes, workplaces, courtrooms, and hundreds of videoconference locations around the world
  • Arrange legal support services on-site
  • Co-Counsel/Client/Partner meetings
  • Expert consultations
  • Witness preparation
  • Interviews, training sessions, and meetings for general business purposes
  • Provide trained videoconferencing specialists as needed
  • Avoid excessive travel

There are many applications for videoconferencing. Legal teams in multiple locations use this service for strategy sessions, trial preparation (including expert witness consultations), settlement negotiations and conferences, mediations, and arbitrations. Via videoconference, all parties can participate in a deposition.

Law firms and nonlegal businesses also use videoconferencing for presentations and recruitment functions.

For more information on videoconferencing services at JLS, contact a company professional who can provide complete information on methods, technologies, and pricing. Jensen works with integrity, honesty, fairness, and accountability.